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A meeting of the LMPOA board was called on (9/24/15) to discuss our policy for giving out keys to the Red Lower Gate, where Calle Vizcaino meets the Federal Road.  This issue was brought up at the HOA meeting on 9/5/15, and there is concern by those who feel anyone wanting a key should be able to have one, and the policy in place, that only those who are a member in good standing or pay 250.00 and live outside the red gate would be able to have a key.  The policy of having people pay 250.00 who live outside the gate was set up for security reasons, and to also help with the pay and social security of the Loma guards.  The Loma by having a gate is not keeping anyone out of the community, as you know if you live in the Loma and pay you have the gate opened for you, if you live in the Loma and don’t pay you open the gate for yourself.  The lower gate is locked at night for security.


The question is can anyone have a key if all they pay for is a Key, and is this what the Community wants. Giving a key to everyone who wants one  has been done in the past and reported to the board that when a lot of people had keys the lower gate was left open about ½ the time.


The Board is calling a special meeting of the Loma to discuss this issue, and for the Members in good standing to Vote to keep the polices in place or make changes.  A member in good standing will have paid the security of 500.00 due by Oct.15th or  600.00 if paid after that date.  You will have paid for the new year 9/1/2015 to 9/1/2016.


The meeting will be help at Ranch Exilio, 3:00pm on Nov 11th.  All are welcome, but the to vote on this issue you must be a member in good standing.


The Board Voted 3 to 1 to keep our current polices. And to call this special meeting.


Bev Wilburn